LED headlights

Stadium illuminated with LED headlights

Light up the future of your club

Discover our LED floodlights. Perfect vision for your sports facilities. We offer custom designs with lighting study and installation and disposal service. With an average payback time of less than 2 years, it is a winning choice for the environment and your wallet.
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Vision of superior quality

In sports, every detail counts and the quality of light makes all the difference. Thanks to years of experience and experimentation, we can provide a full range of LED headlights, from 10 W to 1 kW, flicker-free and for uncompromising visual quality.
Eye looking to the future

Tailored project

From small gyms to large stadiums with TV footage, our customizable LED lighting adapts to any sports context. To leave nothing to chance, we provide tailor-made solutions with lighting study. Our commitment to successful projects in line with industry standards.

Assembly and disposal service

For those who do not want to leave anything to chance, we provide complete headlight mounting solutions, including overhead. Thanks to the old headlight disposal service, you won’t have to worry about anything, just turn the light on the future.
Technician with tablet
Light bulb with a plant inside

Energy saving

With our LED lights you can significantly reduce your energy costs and environmental impact. This not only makes the installation more sustainable, but also cheaper to run in the long term. With an average pay-back time of less than 24 months, it’s a winning choice for the planet and your finances


  • Power: 10 W – 1 kW
  • Color: 3000 K – 6500 K
  • Average pay-back time (compared with metal halide lighting): 24 months
Stadium illuminated with LED floodlights

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