Online energy auctions

Take part with your company in our purchasing groups for energy auctions in order to buy electricity at the best market prices.

How does it works:

  • the project unites a substantial number of companies into purchasing groups on a monthly basis, in order to obtain strong bargaining power towards the energy supplying companies;
  • an online auction is therefore launched, in which the most well-known and referenced electricity supplier companies are invited to participate;
  • The best price (fixed for one year) obtained through the auction, will then be communicated to all the companies participating in the purchasing group. After that every participant, depending of the discount achieved, will freely decide whether to sign the new supply contract or not.

The advantages of this project:

  • It allows even to small companies to obtain the best economic conditions of supply, comparable to those granted to large industries;
  • offers a guarantee of impartiality and transparency;
  • has a simple and fast application procedure;
  • the cost of the service is calculated on the basis of the savings obtained;
  • no other additional costs are required;
  • constant monitoring of the price, based on the trend of the free energy market;
  • free help desk service at your disposal for the entire duration of the supply, which will assist you with any information or problem with the supply companies.

How can i join?

1. Contact our commercial service and we will provide you with a free report with a comparison between your current bills and the results of last auction;
2. join the purchasing group, auctioning your annual consumption together with those of many other business colleagues;
3. after awarding the auction, you will decide whether to sign the new contract (we fill in the necessary documents and will manage any issue with the new energy supplier).

How do the energy auctions work?

Calculate your savings
By analysing the current invoices, we can understand how much you could save.
Online auction
The online auction takes place every month.
All customers can see the real-time progress of the bargaining.
Yearly contract
After the award of the auction, we offer you an optimized fixed-price annual contract, without any undue cost.

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