Air Domes


Pressostatic Energy Saving System

The solution for energy saving in air domes, born from our experience in energy saving and from our knowledge of pressostatic structures.

The Problem

As it is easy to understand, the operating pressure of a pressostatic structure depends on the climatic and usage conditions: in case of peculiar climatic conditions (snow or strong wind) the internal pressure must be increased in order to keep the structure safe.

Until now, in order to manage climatic conditions and to face the dispersions present in the structures, air domes have been supplied with highly oversized modules, unable to adapt to the various conditions of use, because the electrical motors so far installed do not have the ability to modulate their rotation speed and absorbed power, with the result of a considerable and constant consumption of electricity for all 24 hours.

The Solution

The formula of success:

  • Insulation of the air dome
    To avoid unnecessary air leakage, we carefully isolate the structure.
  • High efficiency engines
    We evaluate the replacement of the old engine with a new generation and high efficiency one.
  • Mechanical transmission optimization
    We change the gear ratios in order to get the maximum performance from the fan.
  • Electronic engine control
    We use an inverter equipment in order to lower motor speed and consumption.

An industrial controller drives the inverter according to the internal and external conditions.


Born as an upgrade of the PRESS system, it allows you to connect your PRESS system to our cloud server.

  • Mobile alarms (snow, power failure, engine stop …)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote speed setting
  • System constantly updated
  • Historical statistics
  • Integrated with Gestennis software

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