Ventilation modules

  • Wide range of power rates
  • Can be integrated with PRESS and TUBAIR systems
  • Compatible with Natural Gas, LPG, diesel and Pellets burners


The state-of-the-art system for the heating of fixed and air domes structures!


Has this solution been tested?

The system has been extensively tested both in fixed structures and in air domes.
This kind of plants have been used for years in shopping centers and industrial warehouses.

Does the airflow influence the game or disturb the players?

The air is blown over the player’s head and the air speed is not sufficient to influence the trajectory of the ball in a perceptible way.

How is the realization and installation done?

All our PRESS systems are customized for each customer.
The installation takes place by using the uprights of the structure (fixed structures) or by attaching the pipe to the PVC membrane (air domes).
The installation can be tailored depending on the conditions found after our inspection.
In the case of air domes, the system can be disassembled to allow annual dismantling of the structure.

Pellet burners

Our products and services

  • Installation on new structures
  • Change of the old burner
  • Consulting and optimization


  • Modular
  • Low running costs
  • Low CO2 emissions

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