CM1 Net Levelling Mat

The mat. Rethought.

CM1 is the net levelling mat that combines performance, durability and aesthetics to provide the best possible experience for your court.
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Unbelievably effective

After several attempts, we found the ideal combination of materials and dimensions to achieve a tool whose main goal is one: to do its job well.
Tennis court levelled with CM1
Steel chain


Built to last, it resists wear and tear even under the most intense conditions. Its rugged construction ensures that the mat maintains its integrity and functionality over time, reducing the need for replacement.


Thanks to the polished design, our product blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of the field, disappearing into plain sight.
Elegant suit on mannequin
Water-repellent surface

Unafraid of bad weather

The materials used have been carefully chosen to withstand all weather conditions-sun, rain or snow. This makes it an ideal choice for any tennis court, in any climate.
CM1 net levelling mat


  • Materials: PVC, synthetic textile
  • Width: 2 m (changeable upon request)
  • Length: 1 m (changeable upon request)

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