Ventilation pipe

Heats properly

Tubair allows sports facilities to be heated better, avoiding wasted heat. It heats the facility better, with greater indoor comfort, less fuel and less expense!
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Without Tubair

Normal heating systems blow hot air from one or more large entrances. This allows the warm, light air to rise to the top of the structure. As a result, heat is wasted heating parts of the structure that do not need to be heated.
Structure without Tubair. Warm air rises to the top and warms the topmost layers of the structure.

With Tubair

The Tubair is a microperforated tube connected with the heating module. Hot air comes out of this tube with a calculated throw. This throw creates an air blade that hinders the rise of warm air to the higher layers. As a result, the heat stays in the lower layers of the structure and improves the internal comfort of the players.
Structure with Tubair. Warm air stays in the lower layers of the structure. Heat is not lost to the upper layers.
Indoor tennis court


Tubair distributes heat more evenly, ensuring a pleasant temperature in every corner. By avoiding hot air dispersion, the structure heats up faster and stays warm over time.

Energy and economic savings

“Tubair keeps warm air where it is needed most: in the lower layers of the structure. In this way, warm air improves indoor comfort and is not wasted. Energy and economic savings can be up to 20%, without having to replace the ventilation/heating module.
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Tailored project

Tailored project

We custom design each Tubair to best fit the characteristics of the structure. This way we can also provide Tubair on pressostatic structures and create a custom-made suit for your field!


Has the system been tested?

The system has been extensively tested in both fixed and pressostatic structures. Systems of this type have already been used for years in shopping malls and industrial buildings.

Does the air throw distract the game or the players?

No! The air throw is made over the players head and the air velocity is not sufficient to perceptibly affect the trajectory of the ball.

How does the installation take place?

Installation is done by taking advantage of the uprights of the structure (fixed structures) or by hooking the pipe to the PVC membrane (pressostatic structures). Installation may be subject to change according to the conditions found after our inspection. In the case of pressostatic structures, the system can be disassembled to allow for annual dismantling of the structure.

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