PRESS system

Advantages of PRESS system: automatic, better heating, less noise, economical, energy saving, less thought, less wear and tear.

Our crown jewel

The solution for energy saving in pressostatic structures, born from our experience in energy saving and our knowledge of pressostatic structures.
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The problem

The operating pressure of a pressostatic structure depends on weather and usage conditions: in case of special weather conditions (snow or high wind) the internal pressure must be increased to keep the structure safe.
Schematic diagram of a ventilation module without an inverter, with constant internal pressure and air leakages.
Schematic diagram of a PRESS system ventilation module with variable internal pressure and air leakage reduction

The solution

  • Structure insulation

    To avoid unnecessary air leakage we carefully insulate the structure.

  • High-efficiency motors

    We consider replacing the old engine with a new generation, high-efficiency one.
  • Optimization of mechanical transmission

    We change the gear ratios to get the maximum performance from the fan.
  • Electronic motor control

    We use an Inverter to lower motor speed and consumption. An industrial controller controls the inverter according to indoor and outdoor conditions.

Energy and economic savings of up to 90%

With our targeted and tailored intervention, you can enjoy energy savings of up to 90%. With average pay-back times of 6 months, it is an unparalleled investment for both the planet and your club.
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Less noise

Noise is an often overlooked but critically important factor in sports environments, especially indoor. Our inverter system reduces motor speed, providing a significant reduction in indoor noise levels. It creates an ideal atmosphere for athletes and spectators, where they can enjoy carefree fun.

Without worries

The brain of our system is an industrial PLC that allows you to automate your energy savings. In wind, snow or heat, the system automatically reconfigures itself to maintain maximum energy efficiency.
You don’t have to worry about weather conditions-our system adjusts accordingly to ensure optimal performance.
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Less usury

With inverter control, the system significantly reduces mechanical wear and tear on the system. This results in lower maintenance requirements and a longer service life of the motor, fan and transmission. Ultimately, significant savings in long-term maintenance costs.

Created as an upgrade for the PRESS system, it allows you to connect your PRESS system to our cloud.
  • Alarms on cell phone (snow, power failure, engine block…)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote speed setting
  • Always up-to-date software
  • Historical statistics
Principles of operation of PRESS4.0: GSM control system, cloud server and webapp

Our customers

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VAT reverse charge
Does your structure lay in a windy area?


  • Plant power: 0.75 – 15 kW
  • Average energy saving: 70%

  • Maximum energy saving: 90%
  • Average heating saving: 15%

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