TDR3 line tensioner

The dowel that traces the road

TDR3 is the robust, easy-to-use and high-performance tensioner. It allows you to tension lines effortlessly and quickly. Made entirely of steel, it is designed to last season after season. Easy to use, even without experience.
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The line tensioner can be connected to a screwdriver to be able to tension lines quickly and cleanly. Perfect for achieving superior quality results effortlessly and in no time.

Easy to use

The heart of TDR3 is its worm gear system that allows you to tension lines by simply tightening the screw. The user-friendly design makes the tensioner ready to use immediately and without experience.


The tensioner is made of steel, to last. We have designed the tensioner to withstand the weather and wear and tear of time, providing a reliable product season after season.
Steel profiles
TDR3 line tensioner - right view


  • Length: 36 cm
  • Material: Steel

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