Court conversion

Court converted to synthetic red clay

Give new life to your courts

Do you have a worn synthetic court? Do you want to give it a new life without huge investments? Thanks to our conversion intervention you can give new life to your synthetic courts by transforming them into synthetic red clay courts!
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We place a layer of red clat of about 2-3 mm (on average) on the synthetic base. We compact the bottom with our Dart2 roller and make it uniform. Once the post is complete, we install nailless lines or paint the existing lines. In this way an old synthetic court can be reborn as a synthetic red clay court
Bounce on synthetic red clay

Regular bounce

The use of red clay allows you to cover cracks or breaks in the original covering. The bounce is regular and the court becomes softer and suitable for everyone!


The intervention allows a court to be saved without completely redoing the synthetic turf. Savings on the intervention can reach up to 80%.
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