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Nail-free lines

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Unlike traditional nailed lines, which can cause irregularities and require frequent maintenance, our socketed lines provide a smooth, uniform surface, improving the playing experience and reducing the need for maintenance.
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Easy to mount

Thanks to the sockets, assembly is quick and easy. After inserting the sockets, complete assembly takes about 3 hours for 2 people. To mount the lines, all you need is a tensiored like our TDR3 and a roller like the Dart2.0
Installed lines
Used line

Long life

The lines are manufactured to last up to 10 years. And in case of consumption, just change the single line!


The use of sockets allows you to dismantle the lines for maintenance and reassemble them with the court redone. This translates into better maintenance and a much longer useful life than traditional nailed lines.
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Newly mounted line

Perfect assembly

The use of TDR3 allows the line to be kept straight by the applied voltage. You will have perfect lines even without a pencil and square!

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