Electric roller Dart2.0

Finally, an electric roller for tennis courts!

Dart2.0 is not just a roller, but an inseparable companion in the maintenance of your courts. Suitable even for beginners, it allows you to maintain your tennis courts at their best, without compromise. Zero emissions, zero exhaust, perfect for those who love the environment but also for those who have indoor courts.
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Easy to use

We designed the roller with both professionals and amateurs in mind. The controls are simple and immediate, and learning is fast even for the inexperienced. Just set speed and direction, Dart takes care of the rest.
Steering wheel with advanced driver assistance system
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Quiet beyond all limits

Thanks to electric propulsion, you can work discreetly. No more annoyed players or neighbors, no more uncomfortable headphones…

Work in enclosed spaces without worry

Our electric roller is a must have for the maintenance of indoor tennis courts. Unlike traditional diesel-powered rollers, Dart2.0 does not emit exhaust gases, completely eliminating the problem of indoor air pollution. This means you can use it in enclosed spaces without worrying about ventilation or the health of those present.
Ban on smoking
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Our electric roller is a step forward in sustainability. With its energy efficiency and lack of emissions, it is the perfect choice for reducing environmental impact.
Electric roller Dart2.0


  • Min. weight (empty): 350 Kg
  • Max. weight (with ballast): 450 Kg
  • Power: 600 W
  • Maximum autonomy: 6 hours

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