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To meet future challenges, we have developed the evolution of the PRESS system – PRESS4.0. Combine the savings and advantages of the PRESS system with the power of remote control.
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PRESS4.0 was born out of the need to remotely control our PRESS systems. Our webapp allows you to control your PRESS systems from your PC, smartphone or tablet via the Internet.
Principles of operation of PRESS4.0: GSM control system, cloud server and webapp
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Advanced remote control

Dive into the age of connectivity with our improved system. Remote control allows you to manage and monitor your energy-saving system from anywhere, anytime. Through an intuitive interface, you have full control of the system at the push of a button, giving you unprecedented convenience and flexibility.

Real-time energy monitoring

With our energy monitoring feature, you can access detailed data and real-time analysis of energy performance. This feature allows you to visualize energy consumption and make informed decisions to further optimize energy use, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.
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Remote assistance

Our remote service ensures continuous support and maintenance without the need for on-site intervention. Our people can connect via the Internet, diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. Reduce downtime and ensure maximum efficiency for your facilities at all times.

Tax benefits

Our system not only brings innovation and energy savings to your facility, but can also qualify for tax deductions under Industry 4.0. In addition to the efficiency and sustainability benefits, you can enjoy significant tax advantages, making your investment even more worthwhile.
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  • Plant power: 0.75 – 15 kW
  • Average energy saving: 70%
  • Maximum energy saving: 90%
  • Average heating saving: 15%

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