Ventilation and heating modules

Ventilation system

A module for every need

With our ventilation and heating modules, any structure can be maintained while minimizing operating costs. With all-around service, even the stress of installation disappears.
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Thanks to the PRESS system, our modules save up to 90% of the operating cost on electricity.
Piggy bank
Tubair - internal view

Integratable with Tubair

The modules can be integrated with Tubair to improve indoor comfort and save on heating.


With a wide range of air flow rates and powers, our modules are suitable for every situation. Thanks to our experience, we can direct you with a tailor-made design.
Tailored project
Key delivery


Every customer has different needs. That’s why we offer tailored consultations and designs to guide you every step of the way and ensure an end result exactly the way you want it.

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