Mark3 straightedge

Your partner for every maintenance

Mark3 is the latest evolution of our family of red clay straightedge. Through the innovative use of 3D printing on an aluminum body, it redefines the standards of durability, ease and comfort of use. Equipped with 2 blades for different uses,it is the perfect tool for anyone who wants a flawless tennis court, even without years of experience behind them.
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Lightweight and durable

The aluminum main body, already introduced in the first Mark1, dramatically reduces weight compared to traditional wooden straightedges. The use of 3D printing allowed the key components of the straightedge to be redesigned, reducing its weight without affecting its mechanical characteristics. The result of these efforts is a tool weighing only 1800 g, perfect for effortless and agile work.
Feathers in the air
Compass and caliper


The exceptional lightness of this tool, combined with its wide width (150 cm), makes tennis court maintenance an accessible activity for everyone, regardless of experience. Even less experienced operators can achieve professional results with ease, without the need for years of practice and experience.


The straightedge has a flat side and a pointed side, so it can be useful in all maintenance activities. The pointed side is designed for rough work, to effectively scrape and dislodge clay. The flat side, on the other hand, is ideal for trimming and giving the court that smooth, even surface that every player desires.
Flat side and pointy side of the Mark3 straightedge
Water-repellent textile

Not afraid of weathering

The aluminum frame makes the straightedge resistant to climatic agents and corrosion. In addition, the use of high-quality plastic components increases the strength of the tool, especially against moisture and UV damage. As a result of these measures, the straightedge can withstand rain and prolonged outdoor periods while maintaining its characteristics and performance over time.
Mark3 straightedge


  • Weight: 1800 g
  • Length: 150 cm
  • Material: Aluminum, PETG

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