Energy Saving Day 16/2/2024

On this iconic day of energy conservation and sustainability, we at Greenetiks are proud to share with you a small milestone of our own: thanks to PRESS, we have helped 150 customers save a total of more than 9 MWh per year to maintain their pressostatic structures. This not only results in significant financial …

4 chats with Massimiliano Saggia about the DART2.0 roller

In the past few days Massimiliano Saggia of Tennnismyself interviewed our administrator Roberto Alt. We talked about our DART2.0 electric roller for tennis court maintenance. In the video an in-depth “Q&A” on the features and peculiarities of our roller.
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Why an electric roller?

The electric roller possesses many advantages:

zero emissions
safe use in covered courts
1 roll = 3 hand rolls
equipped with cruise control
easy to use

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Montalese tennis maintenance: restoring clay court

Here we are, the time has come.
Over the past few weeks we have been performing maintenance on a converted clay court at Tennistica Montalese.

Thanks to the collaboration with Saggia Massimiliano you can experience the video:

Some solutions for energy saving

Compared to 2021, we have seen an increase in ‘electricity expenses by 131%. These costs can be reduced by making targeted investments in solutions aimed at saving energy.
Our products make it possible to reduce energy expenses while maintaining an optimal level of service. These solutions, implemented in a combined manner, provide cost savings of …

Conversion of a tennis court: from artificial turf to red clay

The work we are telling you about today was carried out at the Fagagna Tennis Club, on an artificial turf field that has deteriorated and cannot be used safely. In fact, the turf wears out over time, making the court nslippery. Since the installation of a new synthetic turf field involves a large expense, …

The advantages of the DART2.0 roller

Let’s find out the benefits of the DART2.0 roller:.

It can be used indoors
It is silent
It does not vibrate
It is very easy to handle
It does not emit CO2

For any information on buying or renting or to learn more about the roller you can find contact information on this page:

The history of the DART2.0 roller

The story of the DART2.0 roller began with a customer’s request to fix an old, disused motor roller. The transmission needed to be replaced, but the operation was not economically viable.
To solve the problem, we asked ourselves: is it possible to build a battery-powered roller with an electric motor?
After some research, we found a …

First delivery of the DART2.0 roller

🎉 Today we are happy to share a very important moment for us: the delivery of the first DART2.0 roller. 🎉

The TC Noventa di Piave was among the first to believe in our product, seeing its ease of use and the possibility of completing quality work even independently.

For information and contact:

New DART2.0 roller release

🎉 Important news coming soon.

👉 After two years of prototyping, feedback and refinement we are happy to announce the release of our DART2.0 roller!

The new eye-catching design is not the only improvement. Stay tuned to our channels for updates and usage tips.

For any curiosity contact us at the link: