Consumers are increasingly demanding the use of light sources that provide better energy efficiency and provide significant cost savings.

Sports centers are selecting the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable lighting fixtures to upgrade their aging lighting systems. Fixtures that are efficient, long-lasting, and require less maintenance.

To date, LED lighting and electromagnetic induction lighting are the best solutions to replace traditional headlights, which require higher power draw, especially if they are halogen.

To ensure adequate lighting for the space, a study should be done so that we can figure out where to place the light sources and ensure that all play areas receive proper light flow.


Lighting engineering is the technical and scientific discipline that deals with the illumination of spaces and environments, both indoor and outdoor, either by exploiting sunlight or artificial light.

In Italy there are no state laws regulating lighting engineering, which is the case in other European countries. There may be, in some cases, regional legislation on the subject.

The objectives of a lighting design study are:

  • To establish the parameters to be met in order to have comfortable environments from the point of view of natural and artificial lighting;
  • Guarantee visual comfort appropriate to the task or activity taking place in a given room;
  • Indicate what is the limit of the maximum acceptable glare level from lighting fixtures;
  • Decide the most suitable color temperature of the lamps used.


They represent the perfect fusion of convenience, functionality and aesthetics.


  • Life span: over 50,000 h
  • Energy saving: up to 75%
  • Quick start
  • Wide range: From 10 W to 1 kW

The biggest advantage of LEDs over traditional lighting is their impact on the environment.

Led lights are environmentally friendly, contain no harmful substances or gases, and have extremely low heat emission.

Consuming less electricity, they manage to produce the same lumens, this means same brightness output for savings on electricity bills.

In addition, LEDs are safer and have a longer lifespan.

They are more shock-resistant and can be changed less frequently.



  • Life: over 100,000 h
  • Energy saving: up to 75%
  • Quick start
  • Anti-glare

The biggest advantages of electromagnetic induction lamps concern visibility.

These lamps produce high-quality, flicker-free illumination and do not glare.

In addition, they are suitable when headlights are installed in places that are inconvenient to reach for maintenance. This is because they require almost no maintenance, resulting in savings in overall management.

Also not to be underestimated is the fact that they produce no buzzing or noise, and there is a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. They avoid the risk of fire or explosion, which is why they are also the safest.

They are not suitable for home use or for too closed rooms.


As a company, we also offer our customers on-demand services, including:

  • Lighting study, recommended for creating an optimal environment but not mandatory;
  • Installation of new lighting systems;
  • Point-to-point replacement of headlights;
  • Disposal of old headlights;
  • Integration with home automation, for state-of-the-art solution.