CIRCOLO TENNIS RODEANO with Adelino Barbetta

The Tennis Club “Rodeano” is a small, but very dynamic and active local entity. It has already been turning to our company for a whole range of services for a number of years and therefore has concrete experience to be able to make a judgment about it.

I am welcomed by Mr. Adelino Barbetta, who is dedicated with passion and commitment to the management of this center, which is equipped with 3 tennis courts, one of which is clay and two synthetic. Two are indoor with pressostatic structures, while the outdoor one, with synthetic turf, is also used for soccer.

The club has just since the recent organization of the national “Euroregion” tournament, which involved some 30 “young promises” and provided excellent satisfaction.



Good morning Mr. Beard, welcome to our channel, thank you for your helpfulness.

Could you first tell us something about the reality of your sports center?

We have a team in D2 and a team in D4.

The tennis school, which is FIT certified, is routinely attended by about 70 students, and the organization is also involved in offering a summer center service, which allows kids to socialize while learning the first rudiments of this exciting sport.

There is a fair “round” of members, but we would like to make ourselves known more: still too many people in the area are surprised that there is a reality like ours here.


So we also hope with this interview to give you some publicity

But tell me: how did you learn about the services offered by the Greenetiks company?

We had known Mr. Alt for a long time, as he was already in charge of the assembly and disassembly of our “balloons,” and we therefore confidently entrusted him with the activities of their efficiency enhancement, through the“Press” system.

Then over time we have gradually benefited from your other services as well.


Could you describe to us what kind of services Greenetiks company performed for you?

In addition to the application of the inverters on the pressostatic systems, this year it was responsible for the renovation of the playing court in red clay. An excellent job: the court is now a “billiard”.

We also installed German-type lines for the first time. Those with nails are outdated also because, environmentally speaking, when they are decommissioned they present disposal problems.

So from now on I think we will always use this system.

Your technicians also helped us implement a “water” cooling system that allowed us to keep the balloon mounted even in summer, to the good satisfaction of our users.

Finally, for some years now, Greenetiks has involved us in a power purchase group that, through a telematic auction, allows us to save on this cost item, which is crucial for us.


In this regard, we check together with the customer how the fixed price, obtained by them in June, allows them to save 50% on the current price of the energy component, which is no small thing.

We have been particularly lucky in this regard.


So you have 2 Press systems installed on two courts?

Yes on two single courts.


What improvements have you noticed as a result of the interventions on the pressostatic system of your court?

We have been using it for years now, with no particular reliability problems. I could estimate the savings in at least 25 to 30 percent of energy consumed.


Have you performed any additional efficiency upgrades in your facilities?

Yes, we were able to replace the lighting of the indoor fields with Led projectors: again we are satisfied with the choice, supported by a supplier who financed the investment.

We also wanted to install a photovoltaic system, but then it turned out not to be possible to agree on this with our municipality, which owns the facilities entrusted to us.

The municipal administration is, however, always close to our association and very sensitive to environmental issues.

Therefore, we trust that in the future it may perhaps help us in other interventions, such as completing the replacement of additional halogen floodlights with Led systems or making the heating system more efficient.


So it seems to me that your management is very attentive to the environmental impact of the interventions made?

Surely, because they allow us to improve our “footprint” while decreasing consumption and waste. Our staff is dedicated to running the facilities with commitment and enthusiasm, even as volunteers, because costs are still significant and revenues cannot cover them in full.

But the desire to spread our sport and also offer a service to the community allows us to continue.


Mr. Beard, I thank you and congratulate you on your philosophy, which I find appreciable.

As a final question, would you recommend Greenetiks’ services to your colleagues?

Certainly yes.


So thank you for your hospitality and this nice talk.

Thank you for visiting.


At the end of the interview, it occurs to me that “small is beautiful”: one can sense a lot of care and attention to the running of the club, motivated above all by a passion for the sport and a desire to do.

I also think that the relationship with Greenetiks has brought added value in terms of energy and technological innovation: indeed, our ambition is to be an ideal partner for managing all sports facilities.