The new roller with electric motor

For the maintenance work needed on a clay tennis court, manual rollers are often used, but this costs a lot of time and effort.

The Greenetiks roller is extremely easy to use, can be used indoors, is quieter, and costs less than its competitors (almost 50 percent less).

With our roller, you can also save on machine maintenance costs due to the absence of moving parts in the motor.

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The idea was born a few years ago when one of our customers asked us to restore an old roller with an internal combustion engine.

The transmission was to be changed and replaced with a new transmission with reverse gear. This operation would have been economically unaffordable (2-3 k€).

Thinking of a solution, we decided to put an electric motor in place of the internal combustion engine, achieving a very good result at a low cost.

Testing different elements, including: electric motors, control boards and frames, the idea evolved into a finished and innovative product.


The roller will soon be approved and having the necessary certifications, it will be usable by sports clubs.

The machine has the following features (which may vary):

  • 375 kg dry weight. The intention is to go up to 350 kg in the next version;
  • .

  • can be ballasted with water for an additional 100 kg;
  • two cylinders, a large 58-cm one and a small 15-cm one;
  • autonomy of up to 4 hours, to be verified with other measurements;
  • working width equal to 70 cm;
  • maximum speed of 6 km/h forward, 2.5 km/h in reverse;
  • two 12v batteries;
  • battery status indicator display;
  • four rings so it can be lifted and possibly loaded onto a truck.


The roller is very easy to use, as it has automatic speed control similar to the cruise control in modern cars.

A gear control allows you to set the direction with 2 buttons, while two potentiometers allow you to set the speed in both directions.

Once the speed is set, as long as the run control is engaged, it is maintained.

The electronic control sets a gradual acceleration and deceleration, so as not to spoil the court and subject the operator to mechanical stress.

The roller can also be used to roll rows by setting a low working speed.

Once used, the roller can be recharged by connecting the charger to the battery pack. While charging, the roller cannot be used.

After these steps, you can proceed with the next steps needed to finish the job.


Scheduled low-impact interventions are the solution to almost any problem that can affect tennis courts throughout the year.This means they are interventions that need to be done often and well.

There are several solutions that sports clubs can adopt to roll the court. But most of the motorized rollers on the market are more than 20 years old and dilapidated.

Sometimes powered rollers do not have a reverse gear and others allow the operator to sit on top and use the roller as a tricycle.

At present, the only real alternatives for practical use are:

  • combustion-engine rollers, normally manufactured in Germany, are prohibitively expensive (up to 7.5/8 k€) and the dry weight can reach up to 500 kg dry;
  • hand rollers, weighing about 150 kg that must be pushed manually, but make the work much longer and more tiring;
  • road rollers, again with a man on the ground, but they are very expensive.

There are a few prototype electric rollers, one produced in the Czech Republic and one in China, but they have been unsuccessful and lack the safety features necessary for use in Italy.

Based on this overview, it is easy to deduce that a machine designed specifically to keep costs down, that does not require much effort on the part of the user and guarantees a good job quickly, such as the Greenetiks roller, is the best solution for all sports centers.


Contact us for more information about the Greenetiks roller and its benefits.