LA FIORITA TENNIS CLUB with Alessandro Bacci

For this first interview we have chosen the Tennis Club “La Fiorita” of Scandicci: a club born in 1984 that constitutes a socio – sports reality in continuous evolution and expansion.

It hosts important tennis events among which the OPEN tournament “Città di Scandicci”, some editions of the Tuscan Championships of IV category, the now classic Tournament of IV cat. “Consalvo Romoli”, which have contributed to make this Club known and appreciated by the most important players and operators in Tuscany.

The Tennis School, always run by good professionals, sees an important participation of students in the courses and an active promotional activity in two schools in the municipality.

We travel to the site, where Alessandro Bacci, vice president of the club, awaits us.

Good morning Mr. Bacci, welcome to our channel, thank you for this interview. Could you tell us something about the reality of your sports center?


This is a sports center born in 1984 and as of today we have about 120 Members, a nice tennis school with 95 children, 12 FIT teams, from under 10 to B2, among others composed of a 3.1 a 3.2 and a 3.4.

We have 5 clay courts, with plans to build the sixth synthetic court.


How did you learn about Greenetiks company’s services?

We got to know them by word of mouth, through a friend of the “Limonaia“, a really good person.


We know him, by the way also at “La Limonaia” circle we installed three PRESS systems and provided the lines. Could you describe to us what kind of services Greenetiks company has performed for you?

We put in nail-free rows for the first time, which turned out to be really convenient, being able to be removed and put down with less waste.

The Arcut, a machine that really works, and we installed the Press system .


Have you had a chance to use Arcut yet?

Yes we used it for a corut and it went very well.


What can you tell me about the PRESS system? Have you noticed any improvements through these interventions on your court system?


We have installed the PRESS system on two individual courts.

The savings were 1000 kilowatt hours of consumption in only 2 months of use. Unfortunately with the pandemic there was no way to properly compare the data over a longer time. Still, it is not little!


With regard to the rows have you found an improvement in removal? When you redo the courts how are the operations on the rows?”

Yes, they are easier to apply and, as I said before, they are very functional because you can take them off and put them back on more easily and in less time.

The operations feel times better. Then you don’t slip and trip.


Did your Members realize the interventions you have made?

Surely they have become aware. Usually they are quite attentive and critical of new things but in this case we had no complaints of any kind, so that’s fine with us.


We have already talked about the economic benefits, what do you think instead about the environmental impact of the interventions made?

Of course, less consumption equals less waste and less pollution.

Better than that in short… Let’s all do it!


Thank you Alexander. As a final question, would you feel like recommending Greenetiks’ services to your colleagues?

Surely yes.


Then Thank you Alessandro Bacci…

Thank you and thank you for these services.


We leave the circle with some pride in the positive impressions that the customer has communicated to us: their satisfaction is our goal and the best indicator regarding the provision of our services and products.